eNatter - 1st May 2020

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Published on Friday 1st May 2020

A note from a frustrated innkeeper

I am writing to you all from a very sunny and strangely quiet Cornwall. I have not known such a quiet hotel like this for over forty years. It reminds me of Cornwall in the 70’s when my parents’ hotel used to close for the winter, and the hotel was cold, dark and eerie. My brother and I surfed on belly boards down the wide Victorian staircase, and built camps under the stacked dining room tables. Bicycle tyre marks on the ballroom floor were not uncommon.

Today sadly The Nare has lost her soul temporarily and is sorely missing the jollity of guests and the bustling charm of staff. It is just not the same without the natural warmth of hospitality. Last Tuesday evening like an unthinking fool I rushed instinctively to the gallery for the weekly drinks party, but alas no one was there. The loneliness of an innkeeper without guests is a pitiful sight.

Indeed in March it was with much sadness that I said goodbye to the last guests and, following an emotional briefing, sent 90 staff home to isolate. All are well, thank goodness, and spirits are strong. The government’s financial support has been crucial, gratefully received, and just in time to pay the April wages. The Nare will revive quickly enough with help like this.

Much more significant though has been the truly overwhelming support from guests and staff. I would like to thank sincerely every guest who has been willing to postpone their reservation - only 6 out of over 800 have had need to cancel – and have already rebooked or intend to return as soon as it is appropriate to do so. It is much appreciated and gives such hope to us all at The Nare.

It makes for a very sunny outlook. Indeed the weather has been glorious and kind, the gardens are looking magnificent, and even a basking shark has visited the bay albeit at an appropriate social distance.

Although at the moment we are unable quite yet to open the doors and welcome guests, the booking office remains very much open for business and taking provisional reservations for later in the year. Please do contact us by email or phone, both continue to be answered. Updates about when The Nare will reopen will be posted on the Coronavirus Updates page of the website just as soon as it is known.

For those who would like to stay connected to The Nare during these frustratingly boring times there are several ways you can do so. Some ideas are found below. Have you read To Snare a Spy, or perhaps you know someone who would like a copy?

Finally I would like to send my very best wishes to you all to stay safe and well and, with a heartfelt message of good cheer,  I very much look forward to welcoming you back to The Nare.

With love from Cornwall,

Toby Ashworth, Proprietor

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