‘A holiday at The Nare’ Photobook

A new initiative to create a digital photobook using the best guest images

LAST UPDATED: 13/1/2021 - see below for the completed photobook

April 2020 - The Brief

Whilst everyone is unable to stay at The Nare the idea to create a special photobook for all guests to enjoy seemed to be a good one. The challenge, should one accept - is to find the very best images in one's possession and send them in - there must be some stunning images lurking in guests' photo albums and libraries.

Images will be passed on to a professional designer to collate into a special photobook entitled: A holiday at The Nare. The photobook will hopefully depict what a typical holiday at The Nare looks like. The completed book will be published on the website for all guests to enjoy.

January 2021 - The photobook is published

With special thanks to Carol Hurst, Catherine Donovan, Gabi Ehrmann-Hieber, Jane Adams, Jenny Jenkins, Jerry Arnull, Neil Duggan, Paul Thornhill, Robert Palmer, Sharon Everett, Sue Challacombe, Thierry Douarche, James Aaron Hoswell, Kate Turner, Michaela Adami-Schrott, Sarah Baig, Trixi Blaire and Mark Ashley-Miller.

The photobook is best viewed using the flip brochure below. If you wish to download a PDF copy to keep on your digital device then please Click Here

The country house hotel by the sea