Meet The Nare Staff

The Nare's long-term staff is the essential ingredient that makes guests feel so well looked after

The Nare staff, many of whom are long term, form a small and dedicated team that add to the welcoming ambience beloved by so many guests. Staff excel in providing a very personal experience and take genuine delight in making sure every guest has everything they need to enjoy their stay.  

The Nare is very much a family affair. The Ashworths have been involved at The Nare for more than thirty years, and continue to ensure that comfort, elegance and traditional hospitality remain at its core.

All the staff without exception were efficient and professional, charming and friendly. For a dose of luxury, pampering and a brand of gentle hospitality that is rapidly disappearing from British hotels, The Nare is unrivalled.


Toby Ashworth, Managing Director at The Nare.

Toby Ashworth - Managing Director

Apart from some general proprietorial presence to meet guests, Toby Ashworth, the Managing Director, leaves the day-to-day running of the hotel under the management of Matthew Voyle, the General Manager. Toby is, on occasions, also allowed to drive the hotel motor launch, Alice Rose! 

The two other directors Katie Ashworth and Daphne Burt and several of The Nare's other key and long-term staff members, whom many guests will know, are mentioned below.

Katie Ashworth - Director

Toby’s wife, is a loyal support with sound commercial experience. She trained and worked in The City corporate law firm Clyde & Co for ten years before becoming a partner in a local firm in Truro.

She subsequently set up and ran her own firm specialising in renewable energy and commercial matters. She is now The Nare’s embedded lawyer and has also taken on Mrs Gray’s mantle for decoration and country house style.

Daphne Burt, one of The Nare hotel's directors.

Daphne Burt - Family Confidante

Daphne has been part of the family and their hotels for over 60 years. She is undoubtedly the most loyal confidant the family has ever known.

Having managed Mrs Gray’s former hotel for many years she was instrumental in realising Mrs Gray’s vision for The Nare. They were a formidable team. Mrs Burt retired as General Manageress in 2000, and is now a loyal, wise, steadying influence for the next generation.

The Deputy General Manager at The Nare hotel.

Julie Johns - Deputy General Manager

Julie is one of only a few current staff who were employed by the previous owners in the 1980s. She is another very loyal local member of staff who has helped make The Nare what it is today.

She has a wealth of experience on everything about The Nare and knows many guests who have been coming for decades. A great asset to everyone concerned.

The Head Barman at The Nare hotel with a rose in his teeth.

Ken Cracknell - Head Barman

Ken has been head of The Nare cocktail bar for over 40 years and is affectionately known as The Father of The House.

Every good hotel around the world has a named barman and Ken is a character not to be forgotten. Do ask Ken the one about...

The Nare hotel's Maitre D', holding a cup of tea.

Barbara Schmid - Maitre d’

Barbara was the former Restaurant Manageress for many years before handing over the reins to Paul Symons (below). She has remained loyal to The Nare where many would have otherwise retired.

She is a welcoming sight to many returning guests and simply knows everyone, and is considered one of The Nare's "national treasures".

The Accounts Office Manageress at The Nare hotel.

Wendy Hall - Accounts Office Manageress

Wendy has over twenty five years' service and an astounding record of loyalty and accuracy. She has never knowingly made a mistake.

She is an auditor’s worst nightmare - there is nothing for them to pick up and severe danger of being shown up if they dare question anything. Her figures are perfect.

The Nare hotel's Restaurant manager inspects a wine glass.

Paul Symons - Restaurant Manager

Paul has over fifteen years' service and his easy charm and quiet manner is refreshingly comforting. He is well known to regular guests, and very approachable to those who are new.

Paul continues to uphold the high standards and service for which The Nare is renowned. One of The Nare's stars. 

Liz Kingdon - Head Housekeeper

Liz first started at The Nare in the early 90s and has returned to take up the unenviable task of looking after all the rooms and suites. 

She is lucky to have a great team in the housekeeping department. She is a stickler for detail, ensuring every Nare room is as perfect as the next, not only for when guests arrive but throughout their stay. 

The Nare hotel's Head Gardener tending to some flowers.

Karl Whitford - Head Gardener

Karl joined The Nare over twenty years ago. He is a natural gardener who only has to look at a plant and it will grow. 

Apart from making the best of the subtropical garden at The Nare, he also manages The Nare Walled Flower Garden at St Ewe, which provides flowers for all the rooms at the hotel. He is also tasked with ensuring the gardens provide daffodils for the tables on Christmas morning, through to October. 

A cross section of other members from The Nare's committed family of staff:

Jaen-Pierre Joubert – General Assistant
Assistant Manager at The Nare hotel.
Ruchira Baker - Assistant Manager
Andre Lima - Head Chef
Andre Lima - Head Chef
Natalie Leadbeater – Head Receptionist
One of The Nare's concierges smiles for the camera.
Andrew Tregunna - Concierge
A member of The Nare hotel's staff.
Julia Glanville - Reservations
A member of Nare Reservations team
Anna Suki - Reservations
A member of the hotel's staff
Shaun Truscott - Concierge
The Nare's concierge smiles as he opens the hotel doors.
Andrew Gates - Concierge
A member of staff at The Quarterdeck restaurant pours water into a teapot.
Lyn Rogers - The Quarterdeck
Traci Rofe - Reception
The housekeeping team at The Nare out on a boat trip.
Most of the colourful housekeeping team
The kitchen team at The Nare hotel.
Some of the big cheery kitchen team
Members of The Nare's Restaurant team
Some of the Restaurant team

The country house hotel by the sea