As the most south-westerly region in the United Kingdom, Cornwall is on the eastern edge of the Gulf Stream and as a result, enjoys a mild maritime climate. Whilst the rest of the UK operates on a continental climate, the maritime climate in Cornwall means milder temperatures and more hours of sunshine than any other county (see graphs at the bottom of the page to see the comparison with UK averages).

Daffodils in The Nare gardens

This mild climate means daffodils grown in the hotel gardens are on the tables for Christmas and spring arrives here before the rest of the country. In fact, Cornwall's now renowned Spring Story - founded by Nare proprietor, Toby Ashworth – celebrates and recognises that ‘the moment Cornish magnolias flower, spring has arrived in England’. This is often in February and a month earlier than anywhere else in Britain.

A man and woman pose with glasses of sparkling wine.
Cornwall's Camel Valley Winery and Vineyard with an award winning sparkling wine

The sunny conditions and mild temperatures also means the county has a number of successful vineyards, a couple of which have recently gained some high profile recognition.

The other interesting thing about Cornwall is the amount of light it enjoys, the result of light reflecting off the sea on both sides. This light has inspired artists in Cornwall over many centuries, helping to make even the most beautiful landscapes that much more vibrant, and is one of the reasons Cornwall has such a rich artistic heritage.


Palm trees in The Nare's gardens with the Cornish coast beyond.
The subtropical gardens at The Nare

The Roseland Peninsula, on which The Nare resides, has an even milder climate compared to the rest of Cornwall. A part of the south coast of Cornwall, the Roseland has its own micro-climate that allows palm trees, agave plants and other subtropical flowers to flourish in the hotel gardens. For the various Cornish gardens on the Roseland, this micro-climate provides the perfect conditions to grow a wide variety of interesting and colourful plant species.

The Nare's Flowering Agave Americana

Right now The Nare Hotel is witnessing a phenomena of the natural world. One of the hotel’s Agave plants that flowers only once in 20-30 years has begun to bloom.

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For the last 20 years The Nare Proprietor, Toby Ashworth, has seen cold snap upon cold snap turn to snow in the rest of England, while the Roseland and The Nare remained unaffected by snow. The policy states that if snow lies on the cocktail bar terrace for more than 24 hours, residents may have one of their four night's stay without charge. The only exception to the policy is over the Christmas and New Year period when snow is considered desirable for decorative purposes and even Ebenezer Scrooge might appreciate its attraction.

Snow at The Nare on 1/3/18, but the Agave is still growing
Usual seasonal conditions at The Nare taken on 16/2/18

The only time this payout has ever been made was on 1st March 2018, when the weather system from Siberia covered the whole county of Cornwall and The Nare, in the worst snow and blizzards seen for over 40 years. The Nare of course, honoured it's commitment to the No Snow Policy and provided a free night’s stay for resident guests. Most guests chose to stay in the comfort and warmth of the hotel, rather than travelling home. Needless to say this bout of snow lasted less than 48 hours before usual conditions were restored as per the photo above taken a few days earlier. 



A graph of Cornwall's and the UK's average temperatures.
A graph of Cornwall's and the UK's average hours of sunshine.

The country house hotel by the sea