Ian, Rebecca and family,

Before leaving The Nare I uncovered the identity of the Russian mole in the hotel, who is believed to be feeding information to Moscow. I was unable to make contact with them, or MI5 HQ, without blowing my cover. Before I went underground I was however able to send a coded mesage to M Penny in order to keep the mission alive. That is where you come in. You have successfully followed the leads I left for you - well done.

Now...I have left for you a hidden note in the hotel, which contains the name of the mole and a coded verbal exchange you will need to use to verify the mole's identity, whilst not blowing your own cover. You need to head the hotel at afternoon tea time and look in the library for a book about a famous group of children, which is also 3 stories in 1. Inside you will find the note. Time is short make your move soon...good luck!

Agent 004 

The country house hotel by the sea