The Spa Team

Anne O'Grady and Sarah Quintrell are long-standing therapists at Carne Bay Spa. They are a strong, close and caring team who are always striving to do the very best for their clients.


Anne O'Grady has been at Carne Bay spa for 13 years and enjoys catching up with regular guests and local clients, as well as meeting new ones. Meditation and yoga are an integral part of her life and Anne points to this as the source of her inner calmness, which undoubtedly enhances the quality of her treatments. She is always willing to share her knowledge about health, well-being and relaxation during her treatments.

I melt when Anne touches my feet! Thank you for the helpful tips that continue to make my life easier.

A Bainbridge

Anne's Signature Treatment

Foot Fusion - 60 mins - £65.00

A combination of exfoliation and moisturising masque with traditional Thai massage and reflexology techniques. An intense treatment to the feet and lower legs which improves blood flow and relaxes muscles.


"I work as a complementary therapist and beautician and have done so for many years. I have found my true calling in a role which allows me to offer care and support to my clients, and to openly share the knowledge I have gained across my many years of practice."

Sarah's Signature Treatments

Fusion Massage - 75 mins - £80.00
Full Body Massage combining elements of Thai, Shiatsu and Acupressure massage to stretch, realign muscles and connective tissue helping to release deep seated tension and is stimulating to circulation and energy flow.

Fusion Facial - 60 mins - £75.00
This unique facial is a combination of gentle massage, exfoliation using a thread technique to deep cleanse, remove dead skin cells and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. A pressure point massage to relax the facial muscles, detox and stimulate the blood flow to bring back the radiance and glow to your skin is also included.

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