A schedule of events fit for a King

It is safe to say The Nare put on a splendid schedule of Coronation events, enjoyed by the guests.

The ceremony was screened on The Quarterdeck and guests certainly enjoyed the wonderful pomp and ceremony. It was an honour to subsequently raise a toast to His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen.

The Big Lunch was a gregarious affair as The Nare’s residents came together in the spirit of friendship and community whilst the sun beamed down.  Most of the afternoon long after lunch was spent simply conversing and enjoying one another’s company. Of course, much splendid food was prepared and devoured. If we do say so ourselves, the Gateau Opera Orbs were truly awe-inspiring.

Monday morning's weather wasn’t quite so inspirational. However, the Roseland community turned up entirely undeterred, braving the gruelling elements to partake in The King of The Castle Challenge on Carne Beach. The arrival of a school bus with an army of spades soon got the competition underway - all in aid of The Roseland Centre – part of the national ‘Big Help Out’ campaign. No team had points deducted for not having enough fun. A jolly good time was had by all!

We relocated our Garden party to the Quarterdeck where the guests appreciated a Pimm’s cocktail or two and afternoon high tea.

Long Live The King!

The country house hotel by the sea