A pop of yellow to brighten up the month of mellow

Every January our hearts dance with the daffodils just as Wordsworth penned... 

So fortunate feel we to be graced with a glorious battalion of gold in Cornwall as early as December that we were compelled to share the delight.

So we sent a handful of daffs to some of our media friends based in London, where daffodils would not likely bloom until at least March. Our aim was for a box of sunshine to land on what is labelled the most depressing day of the year, ‘Blue Monday’. This year that date was Monday 16th January.

Naturally daffodils are also delicately vased up for The Nare’s guests to enjoy whilst here. One will be delighted to see and smell the heady floral scent of these narcissi whilst in the hotel.

It would be uncouth not to share some of the feedback we received. It was such a pleasure to share a small piece of rural Cornwall with those in the city during what is typically a rather depressing period.

“They are so lovely – and they arrived on my birthday too, which isn’t usually daffodil season! Thank you for the lovely treat and please pass my best wishes on to everyone at The Nare” Pendle Harte, Absolutely Magazines

“Huge thank you – they are GORGEOUS!” Ianthe Butt, The Independent

Thank you so much for the lovely daffs – a ray of sunshine on a grey, blustery Rutland day!  – Ian Belcher, Freelance

“Thank you! They are blooming and looking beautiful. It was so kind of The Nare, they definitely brightened up this cold January.” – Immy Agnew, Vanity Fair

“It’s a wonderful gift to get, in fact there is no more pleasurable and I can’t thank Toby enough.” Fiona Duncan, The Telegraph

“They are in a vase in front of me bringing me some much needed sunshine and cheer. Thank you ever so much. They most definitely did brighten my day!” – Charlotte Mackaness, The Field

“They arrived on a day I was working from home so I got to see them open!” – Lottie Gross, Freelance

“Thank you so much for the lovely Cornish daffodils. They really brighten up my office – and a good reminder that spring is coming (even if it doesn’t feel like it!)” – Lisa Grainger, The Times LUXX

The country house hotel by the sea