The Nare’s Pearl Anniversary - celebrating 30 years with 3 generations

Once overheard at The Nare, a Grandmother to her Granddaughter recalled “You know, when I was growing up there was an Austrian born dancer and actress called Tilly Losch, and she used to say: ‘Always have a good little black dress, pearls and stay in the best hotel, even if you can only have the worst room.’ " These words of wisdom chimes well with The Nare’s Pearl Anniversary - 30 years of the family's ownership of The Nare.

To celebrate this milestone there is a request for guests to share their own "Pearl Memories" of:

"When I stayed at The Nare with my grandparents/children I remember..."

The guest that shares the best anecdote will receive a thank you gift - a luxurious set of Pearl in Oyster Shell jewellery (necklace, earrings and cufflinks) - with the hope that they will pass them on to the next generation as their own pearls of wisdom.

HOW TO ENTER: Please do recall your best "Pearl Memory" and send it to The Nare before 1st December 2019. The criteria are as follows: 

1. Entries are to be from those that have stayed at The Nare with their grandparents or grandchildren, or with several generations of their family.

2. A brief account, memory or anecdote should be sent to and include your name and contact details. Photographs are a welcome enhancement.

3. Please provide names to be published (unless you wish to remain anonymous). Permission to use memories in The Natter, eNatter and on The Nare's website only, will be assumed unless stated otherwise (of course, no pearls without permission!)

Why Pearl Memories?

There are many guests that regularly choose to holiday at The Nare with several generations of their family. With such a great position and an extensive range of leisure activities, there is plenty of fun for children, whilst the stunning sea views, peaceful setting, and comfortable accommodation is just what is needed by parents and grandparents alike.

The request for guests who have stayed at the hotel with their grandparents/children to recall their favourite memories seemed to be a symbolic way to commemorate The Nare's Pearl Anniversary.

Holidaymakers enjoy the sun and sand at secret Cornwall beach, Carne Bay.

Many guests are drawn by the enveloping kindness, the offer of collection by car from their home, and the location on stunning Carne Beach. Children are embraced. Dogs have their own menus. This is a unique address, which is perfect for extended families.

Rebecca Cox, Town and Country magazine

A couple of guests sip coffee on the patio at The Nare hotel.

In our sea view suite on the day of departure, four-year old Jow sidled up to me and asked 'Can we pack up our room and take it home with us?' It had been a hugely successful family break but this time I could not indulge him. We will just have to return.

Jackie Annesley, The Evening Standard

The country house hotel by the sea