2020 Timeline

2020 was a highly unusual year for The Nare. Follow the twists and turns of the last 12 months below...


Having cleared the ground during late 2019 work continued on the four new Whittington Suites which will be connected to the west wing corridor (Rooms 36 - 41) and the Pendower
Suite, which is to have a new entrance and Lookout snug room.


The Nare hosted the annual party for Cornwall's Spring Story. This was founded by Toby Ashworth to celebrate and recognise the moment Cornish magnolias flower, spring has arrived in England. This year spring was declared on 18th February 2020.


The blockwork was nearly complete with the upper level showing the splendid views from the first floor balconies. Life seemed normal and 2020 was going to plan. Yet within just a few short weeks the hotel closed as part of the national lockdown. 90 staff were sent home.


With the hotel closed there was an abundance of tulips from The Nare's cutting garden that were simply not needed. They were delivered to local residents instead to bring some welcome cheer. Dave the night watchman and his Alsatian, Toby, guarded the hotel to ensure its safe keeping. Natives behaved.


Nare postcards, copies of To Snare A Spy and Country Life magazines were sent out to guests to ease the boredom of lockdown. Toby also recorded a personal video message from
an empty Carne Beach to bring some relief after six weeks of lockdown.


Staff returned to prepare for reopening. Joiners made breakfast buffet screens, hors d’oeuvres and carving trolleys take a rest, routines were altered and staff re-trained. The bellboy and
bulldog statues were positioned in the front hall to remind guests to maintain social distancing.

Someone swims in The Nare's outdoor pool.


The first guests were welcomed through the front door and construction went into its summer recess. To keep guests and staff safe and to acclimatise to new rules, occupancy was restricted initially, arrival and departure times staggered, and the hotel was reserved for resident guests only.

A little boy runs along Carne Beach towards the sea.


August delivered such sunny weather and a much needed holiday for many. The Nare was comfortably full yet with plenty of space for everyone to spread out, even if the rules meant some of the usual traditions (e.g. the weekly drinks party) were put on ice.


Requests for Alice Rose were at a record high since her launch in 2015 despite being restricted to private charters. Carne Beach played host to a touching moment when, at low tide, a huge piece of artwork was raked into the sand to form a romantic and imaginative wedding proposal (click here to find out more).


Construction continued after the summer recess with the terraces and balconies completed. Toby and Katie spent time acquiring various antiques and soft furnishings - the four new suites are to be individually decorated in The Nare's traditional country house style.


The government announced another national lockdown for the second time in nine months and over 90 staff are sent home again. There was much joy at the safe arrival of Ivor Carne
Voyle, the firstborn child to General Manager Matthew and his wife Jo.

The Head Barman at The Nare hotel with a rose in his teeth.


After the second national lockdown of 2020 Cornwall was classified in the lowest virus tier. The Nare reopened on 3rd December with Christmas and New Year programmes finalised hastily - head barman, Ken Cracknell, took a rest from the bar to tickle the ivories during the candlelit dinners.

The country house hotel by the sea