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Welcome to The Nare – an Enid Blyton world of family fun and adventure on the Cornish coast...

Do you own more than three pairs of raspberry-coloured trousers? Do you prefer the company of Labradors to that of a significant proportion of the human population? Do you recall rationing? If you answered “Yes” to all the above, good on you. The world needs cheerful legs right now and labradors have very soulful eyes.

If not, however, you are unlikely to be familiar with The Nare Hotel in Cornwall. This is a shame, because while the Nare has long been held in high regard by a discerning class of… well, “distinguished” travellers, it really has all the makings of a fairytale hotel for young families. 

It sits atop a green cliff on the Roseland Peninsula, a part of Cornwall whose balmy microclimate means palm trees and subtropical plants flourish. Steps lead from its gardens to Carne Bay, with rock pools to paddle in and clamber over....

The country house hotel by the sea