Espionage Breaks

Have you got what it takes to be a spy for a day? Test yourself on one of The Nare's espionage missions...

To Snare a Spy by Jon Stock was published by The Nare in April 2017. It is Jon's sixth spy novel and, as a short thriller, it set on the Roseland Peninsula and the south coast of Cornwall. However since publication it has become apparent that there is some unfinished business. It is believed that a Russian mole, working as a member of staff at The Nare, is continuing to pass information to Moscow. OPERATION SNARE has been launched and resident agents are being sought to go undercover, stay at The Nare, and attempt to make covert contact with the mole. They must first however work out who it is before making their approach. 

Aspiring agents will need to have made a residential booking at The Nare and indicate they are willing to make either an overland or maritime mission to find the drop that the previous agent left behind. Maritime operations, if chosen, will be conducted during the summer months from Alice Rose, The Nare's motor launch which is under the command of the coxswain. Agents may be required to be put ashore to recover the information. Agents may be of any age and any number within their party, however they will be required to maintain their cover story at all stages and not spook the mole. Espionage adventures are entirely suitable for families of all generations, and as Noah and his grandfather found out, are enjoyed particularly by three generations. Indeed there are several different missions including some which are perfect for younger children, from the age of 6 and up.

Espionage Breaks are available at any time of year and may be for any length of stay. Once a booking has been made an Espionage Package (£25), containing the book and background briefing documents, will be sent prior to arrival. Usual charges for accommodation and the use of Alice Rose, if required, will apply. 

Be sure to identify yourself with the codeword OPERATION SNARE when making a booking

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