Spooks required for Operation Snare

You have found this page because you have purchased a copy of To Snare A Spy, a short spy thriller set at The Nare hotel. You also now know therefore, that it has come to light that Noah and Clemmie, the hero and heroine of this book, did not in fact accomplish all that they set out to find. They have left unfinished business, and there is believed to be a further Russian mole amongst the staff at The Nare feeding information to Moscow.

The Cornish coast seen from a boat.

Aspiring resident agents are being recruited in order to help identify this mole. If you have the appropriate credentials to make an approach you are requested to make immediate contact with the local handler through To establish the identity of genuine agents the correct Operational Contact Code and Handler’s name will be required.

People in an observation room look out at the sea.

Once aspiring agents are embedded in the establishment they will receive a full briefing from the local handler. Remaining undercover at all times, agents will then proceed to identify and then make covert contact with the mole. It is essential that a full operational cover story is maintained at all times, the mole is not spooked and the intel channel remains intact. It is understood Russian agents are also in active communication with their mole.

To uncover the Operational Contact Code and Handler’s name

Agents first need to identify the following incidents in To Snare a Spy codebook. Use the incidents below to uncover page numbers from the codebook. Each number should then be used to locate a webpage containing the final answer. Intel has already identified that all pages are found via  (where n = codebook page number)

Cypher to identify Handler
Incident 1: The first time the Latin name for the toxic plant “heartbreak grass” is revealed to Noah. The same toxin that killed a Russian millionaire outside his home in Surrey.

Cypher to identify Operational Contact Code
Incident 2:  Which animal appears on Carne Beach late at night with Noah? Use the page number to create the sub-webpage.

Place House seen from the water.

Make Contact with Mpenny

Once the Operational Contact Code and the name of the Handler has been identified, make initial contact with your handler through Alternatively, simply make a booking by telephoning Reservations. However, do ensure to indicate the dates you are available to visit The Nare to operate as an covert agent, identifying yourself with the codeword "OPSNARE". Include the name of your Handler and the Operational Contact Code in communications.

The country house hotel by the sea