Whittington Suites

Four large and exceedingly comfortable sea-view suites on the west end of the main house

The Whittington Suites are due to be available from early 2021. They are expected to be the largest sea view hotel suites in Great Britain. The suites will provide guests with a very high level of comfort in The Nare's elegant country house style. They will be approximately twice the size of current Best Sea View suites.

All of the suites will feature a large double bedroom, dressing room, two bathrooms, sitting room, and a large terrace or balcony. The suites will be linked to the main house and enjoy stunning views to Nare Head and across Gerrans Bay.

Set back from the rest of the hotel they will have a more secluded feel than other suites within the hotel. There will be a dedicated entrance and, if taken together, will form a completely private area of the hotel. For example; one level (two suites) or the entire wing (four suites) could be let to a single party.

The Whittington Suites will be very suitable for families and gatherings of several generations and also to those who would enjoy additional comfort, space and privacy.

The suites are named after Olive Whittington (1887 - 1971), Bettye Gray's mother and Toby Ashworth's great grandmother, and celebrate over 100 years of Cornish hotel keeping within the family.

The country house hotel by the sea