Coronavirus Reopening Measures

Country House Sensibilities - an indication of some changes guests can expect when The Nare reopens

I am delighted to announce that we are expecting and planning to reopen The Nare on Saturday 4th July. Preparations are being put in place to open in as safe a manner as possible within the restrictions and guidelines advised by our hospitality industry gurus. 

We are working hard to devise measures that are appropriate, sensible and not going to compromise a comfortable stay. It does mean that some traditions and practices at The Nare will have to be adjusted for the time being. Please read below for a summary of some of the measures.

We are trying to be as flexible as we can with guest reservations and the postponement policy has worked well allowing guests to change their dates. The postponement notice period changes to 21 days on the day we reopen, i.e. 4th July. 

The Nare is fortunate; the hotel is situated in a fabulously un-crowded part of Cornwall, with spacious gardens, a lovely beach and plenty of coastal walking on the doorstep. It is considered an ideal location for a British summer or autumn holiday and the risks are perceived as low. However reopening the hotel to guests is not completely without risks and of course there is a balance to be achieved of managing those risks whilst not spoiling what is after all a holiday. Within the hotel we are making appropriate adjustments and limitations to services and facilities. Some regrettably are not going to be available as a consequence, and unfortunately, for this there can be no allowance on the room rate. 

I am very grateful for the patience and understanding that guests have shown by postponing their bookings and for bearing with us as we make changes to reopen and in due course progress towards a return to normal. 

I am very much looking forward to throwing open the front doors again. I simply cannot wait to welcome you back to The Nare.

With very best wishes, 

Toby Ashworth

Summary of The Nare’s Country House Measures

  1. RESIDENTS ONLY:  For the foreseeable future the hotel and restaurants will be open to resident guests only. Preference will be given to reservations being made for 4 nights or longer to reduce comings and goings.
  2. DINING ARRANGEMENTS:  Dinner arrangements will change. Service times will be extended, guests will be required to make table reservations for lunch and dinner each day. The Quarterdeck à la carte menu will not be offered but instead the same table d’hôte menu will be available in both rooms.

    All reservations should be made on the understanding that guests will be required to dine in both the Dining Room and the two-rosette Quarterdeck Restaurant during their stay. Preference will be given to guests who are willing and able to dine at 6:30pm, 6:45pm, 8:45pm or 9:00pm. Please do not put additional pressure on the reservations or restaurant teams and respect their unenviable task of accommodating guests' requests equitably. 

    TABLE AND BUFFET SERVICE:  There will be changes to the silver service style and the use of buffet tables to avoid close contact between guests and staff. For example dishes will not be served from trolleys, as usual, for the time being.
  3. PRE-ARRIVAL CHECKS:  Prior to arrival guests will be asked a few pertinent questions to check that they are healthy to travel to The Nare.
  4. MORE SPACE TO DINE:  The Dining Room and Quarterdeck Restaurant will be used to give plenty of space for resident-only dining. Air conditioning will not be operating however dining on terraces or in your room will be available.
  5. RECEPTION AND FRONT HALL:  The arrival and departure processes will be changed slightly to avoid congestion in the front hall. Arrival and departure routines have been modified. 
  6. STAFF TRAINING:  Every member of staff will be trained in new health and hygiene procedures and their specific responsibility to guests and colleagues. Staff health will be monitored and temperatures will be taken daily before work. Protection equipment will be provided where appropriate.
  7. CLEANLINESS:  There will be a significant increase in cleaning throughout the hotel. Rooms will be deep cleaned between guests' stays and all linen washed at high temperature in The Nare’s private laundry. Sanitation of all public areas will be more thorough and regular than usual.
  8. HOUSEKEEPING: The housekeeping team will not enter your room whilst it is occupied. Use of the “Room free/Do not disturb” sign and some common sense will be required so they are able to service the room in the morning and in the evening. The housekeeper will explain and discuss the appropriate levels of service with each guest. Some guests may request their rooms are not to be serviced each day. Precautions will be more prevalent and managed according to circumstance.
  9. LEISURE FACILITIES:  It is intended that the gym, indoor pool and hot tub will be available by appointment only. The steam room will not be open and there will need to be a restriction on the number of guests swimming in the outdoor pool at the same time, when allowed. The timing of all this is uncertain and will be following Government guidelines. Please be aware the advice is changing daily. Alice Rose will be available for private charters only. Scheduled sailings for mixed parties will become available again as and when normal service resumes.
  10. CARNE BAY SPA:  The spa is not expected to open initially and will only reopen when it is deemed safe and viable to do so. Clear guidance is scarce at the time of writing and advice is still being sought on what is appropriate.  The number of appointments and range of treatments may then be limited.

Please note the above precautions are a summary and an indicative guidance only. Measures are likely to be altered as the advice and perceived best practices are changed. It is a developing situation.

Last updated 21 September 2020

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