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recruiting spooks for Operation Snare

Operation Snare will commence after 20th April. Agents are still being recruited for SOE operations over the summer

If you are interested in becoming involved with some under cover SOE operations in and around the Roseland area then please read further. Aspiring spooks who have the savoir faire are being approached to follow on from the mission that Noah and Clemmie undertook last summer and build up the intelligence picture. Our man in Falmouth reports further superyacht visits are imminent in Carrick Roads and covert surveillance needs to be maintained.

To qualify you need to be resident at The Nare sometime this summer/autumn, and be prepared to be sent on an excursion. Please see the map for the field of operation. Landings and insertions may be required to be made from Alice Rose anywhere on the Fal and Helford Rivers. Depending on the mission brief some agents will be requested to proceed solely overland without maritime involvement.

In particular we are looking for families or couples who have a good cover story, working naturally and blending in with a holiday atmosphere. Single agents may also be required though it is prefereable that a small operational team is able to work together.

More intelligence will become available in due course once we have reports back from agents in the field.

Enquiry Booking Details for Operation Snare

If you would like to stay at The Nare and become involved with a little bit of undercover agency work please indicate below when you might be available.

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