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The Nare's famous No Snow Policy

The Nare's Famous No Snow Policy

After 20 years at The Nare, Toby Ashworth has seen cold snap upon cold snap turn to snow in the rest of England, while the Roseland remains completely free of the white stuff. This remarkably mild micro-climate supports palm trees in the hotel garden, produces daffodils in time for the tables at Christmas and of course the early Spring flowering shrubs in Cornwall's world-renowned gardens.

So sure is the proprietor of The Nare Hotel of the mild micro-climate on the Roseland Peninsula that he offers one night without charge, for those staying on a four night break, if there is snow lying on the cocktail bar terrace for more than 24 hours.

The only exception to the policy is over the Christmas and New Year period when snow is considered desirable for decorative purposes and even Ebenezer Scrooge might appreciate its attraction.

The Nare's famous No Snow Policy has been in place for many years and there has not yet been a "payout" ! The milder maritime climate in the South West generally means that Cornwall is spared snow, however with the current changes in the weather is this year going to be a first?

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