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Oil painting by Rebecca Ivatts presented to The Nare at the Cornwall Spring Story launch party on 6th March 2017

Cornwall Spring Story launch party 6th March 2017 at The Nare

The annual party to celebrate the arrival of spring was held at The Nare on 6th March, at which Rebecca Ivatts presented to Toby Ashworth a splendid oil painting of Magnolias blooming. The painting was completed during Rebecca's stay at The Nare as Artist in Residence during the week that the magnolias were blooming.

The painting is titled "Spring Hopes Eternal" and is a dramatic depiction of the Magnolia as it goes through its various stages of coming into flower. Rebecca's style of passion and feeling of the moment comes alive in the painting.    Once the oil has fully dried it will be mounted and hung in The Nare to tell to guests about Cornwall's Spring Story

Also at the party The Great gardens of Cornwall celebrated 25 years since their foundation as an organisation and launched a super book depicting the people and the Great Gardens of Cornwall.

Spring Hopes Eternal