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The moment Cornish Magnolias flower

Spring has arrived in England

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The moment Cornish Magnolias flower, Spring has arrived in England


Over the years it has become increasingly apparent that some people do not fully appreciate quite how early spring arrives in Cornwall and how much earlier than the rest of England. Whilst there are lovely gardens to explore in Cornwall throughout the year, really the very best time to visit the Cornish Spring Gardens is when Cornish Magnolias are in full bloom during the early part of the season.  The blooming of Magnolia flowers often occurs around the middle of March - a fact rarely even appreciated by gardeners throughout the rest of England. But this year it has occurred even earlier, thanks to a very mild winter so far. 

So The Nare, in partnership with the Great Gardens of Cornwall, has started the idea of Cornwall's Spring Story to mark the moment Cornish Magnolias flower each year and to pronounce the arrival of spring in England.

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The Nare and the Great Gardens of Cornwall  declared the first day of spring
in 2016 to be WEDNESDAY 10TH FEBRUARY proving that Spring really does arrive earlier in Cornwall than any other part of the UK.

The champion trees at Trebah, Trewidden, Caerhays, Heligan, Tregothnan and Trewithen all burst into flower within days of each other, heralding the arrival of spring in Cornwall.

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The Idea of The Moment

In order to prove that spring really does arrive in Cornwall first, six nominated significant Magnolia campbellii are being monitored in six different Great Gardens in Cornwall to record the date the Magnolias come into full bloom. The moment all six of the champion magnolia trees have flowered with a count of at least 50 blooms on each, then Cornwall will declare that spring has arrived in England.

Follow the progress this spring by visiting the Spring Story on the Great Gardens of Cornwall website . The Head Gardeners of each of the six gardens are giving feedback as their Magnolia buds shed their outer jackets and prepare to bloom. There will be comment and intrigue, regular postings and photographs as the race continues and the trees come into flower.

You may also wish to follow the story on twitter @Gr8Gardens following #springstory


Visit the Great Gardens of Cornwall website to register for your chance to win a 4 night break at The Nare, including tickets for all of the participating gardens. The competition is open until 31st December 2016 and the winning couple will be invited to join us at The Nare during the Spring of 2017 with the chance to visit the Great Gardens of Cornwall when the magnolias are flowering.